Recent Changes

The following changes were made for the Production Release 1.06

  • Added a new addrepair function to support the new line item repair model. This will allow defects to be repaired individually for an inspection rather than all at once. The extaddrepair function has been deprecated and should not be used by new code.
  • Deprecated the extgetinspinfo function. It has been replaced by the showinsp function.
  • Added a missing XML declaration to asset information response
  • Added asset operational status and status timestamp change to the get assets responses. Added the asset id to the asset stanza. Added an operational status filter to the get assets function to list assets with defects.
  • Added a get defects function to list unrepaired defects for a given asset.
  • If an asset requested with the get assets function does not exist, and error is returned, rather than an empty response.
  • Added a new function to get inspection configs from the account.
  • Added a content type text/xml header to all API responses.
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