45.0 Edit Asset Status

45.1 Request Data

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Use this to change the status of an asset. Active assets may be set to an inactive or revoked status, or inactive assets may be returned to an active status.

Inactive or revoked assets are excluded by default from reports and are prevented from loading inspections. This provides a means of removing inactive assets from dropdowns and reports while maintaining any previous inspections that may have occurred.

Required Information
Name Description
action adminassets
operation editstatus
format xml
target The asset to modify.
A request type must be specified as well (see below).
reqtype The status to set the operator to. Acceptable values:

  • exsid Unique identifier used by the external maint system.
  • tag This is the Zonar RFID tag number.
status The status to set the operator to. Acceptable values:

  • 1 Active. The asset is active, normal status.
  • 2 Inactive. Use this to revoke an active asset.
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