29.0 Asset Activity

29.2 Data Returned

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<!ELEMENT assetactivity (activity*)>
<!ATTLIST assetactivity ver CDATA #REQUIRED>
<!ATTLIST assetactivity count CDATA #REQUIRED>
<!ATTLIST assetactivity start CDATA #REQUIRED>
<!ATTLIST assetactivity end CDATA #REQUIRED>
<!ELEMENT activity (#PCDATA)>
<!ATTLIST activity fleet CDATA #REQUIRED>
<!ATTLIST activity type CDATA #REQUIRED>
<!ATTLIST activity assetid CDATA #REQUIRED>
<!ATTLIST activity unit CDATA #REQUIRED>
<!ATTLIST activity actstart CDATA #REQUIRED>
<!ATTLIST activity actend CDATA #REQUIRED>
<!ATTLIST activity distance CDATA #REQUIRED>

Asset Activity Report Results
Reply Data
Name Description
version The version number of the API call and return data.
count The number of results returned.
start The request epoch start time.
end The request epoch end time .
tag Asset Zonar RFID tag number. Numeric, may be zero.
fleet The asset fleet number. Usually displayed in the web interface as Asset No. Alphanumeric, 20 characters maximum.
type The asset type identifier combine with tag or fleet to uniquely identify an asset. Numeric.
assetid The asset database id. Numeric, non zero, always positive.
unit The unit the asset distance traveled is reported in.
actstart Epoch timestamp. When the asset movement began.
actend Epoch timestamp. Then the asset movement ended.
distance The distance traveled by the asset.
Example Request Get assets that moved


Example Success Reply

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